Our 2018 parade schedule has been officially released (see the 'Schedule' menu.)

We had a very successful 2017 season.  Here are some of our highlights:

  • We paraded all 15 planned nights this year. It's rare for us to go the entire season without having to cancel a night or two due to weather or river conditions.
  • We had a total of 59 boats participate

  • 35 Columbia Fleet boats, 21 Willamette Fleet boats, and three boats that spent time on both rivers

  • Best night - 36 Boats on Dec. 1st North Portland Harbor opening night

  • Columbia Fleet averaged 22 boats per night.  The Willamette Fleet averaged 17 boats per night.

  • The average Christmas Ship skipper paraded nine (9) nights throughout the season.  We had a 13 skippers that made it out every parade night, which is a huge committment!

  • The boats that made it out all 15 nights traveled almost 350 miles on the water and spent over 50 hours at the wheel!

  • We held two special tribute parades that honored our past President, Ron Bielenberg, and all other firefighters who lost their lives due to line of duty illness.  Many of our boats displayed red fallen firefighter badges all season in their honor.  If you know a firefighter, make sure they keep up to date with all health screenings.  If they have health issues, advocate for additional tests and scans.

  • We were voted as the 7th best Holiday Parade across the nation by USA Today's 10Best Reader's Choice survey.  Last year we were ranked 9th, so we're moving in the right direction.

  • As we do each and every year, we had a fun and festive Christmas season.

We'd like to thank everyone who made this parade possible: Christmas Ships skippers and crew, our Christmas Ships board of directors, waterfront organizations and businesses who support us either financially or through service donations, and most importantly all of you who come to see us!

The 2018, 64th Christmas Ships Parade season will be here before you know it. Already, Christmas Ship Skippers are planning their decorations for the year. You too can be a part of this wonderful tradition, taking part in something special to many men, women and children of the greater Portland/Vancouver area. Just click on the "Join Us > Benefits" menu to find out why you should become a Christmas Ship Skipper, then sign up! Fullfill that dream, check off that bucket-list item, be part of something great - Join the 2018 Christmas Ships Parade!


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