Looking Forward to Our 60th Anniversary

2014 will mark the 60th anniversary of Portland's Christmas Ships Parade. Last year we had 59 ships registered for the year's event, of which seven of those were new skippers, and at least eight were skippers that have been participating for more than 20 consecutive years. We had ships over 50' long, and ships that pushed 18' in length with all the enthusiasm of full size cruise ships. We did not lack for diversity in our fleet, nor for the true can-do spirit that makes this the most amazing Christmas Ships parade in all of the world. Our 60th Anniversary year should see a continued enthusiasm for providing one of the Portland area's most enduring events.


The weather during the Christmas Ships Parade, at times, provides quite a challenge to the fleet. It is only through the sheer dedication of the intrepid captains of all these wonderful ships that the fleet can overcome all but the most severe weather. The fleet is much like the post office, they'll be there through rain, snow, and of course, dark of night, all because these skippers love what they do and love being part of such a great tradition. Being the 60th Anniversary makes it even more so.


The increase contact we see through the web page here, as well as through our Facebook page and Twitter feed, further cement the incredible interest shown for this event. Christmas Ships Parade fans not only show up to visit us in all sorts of weather, but they're actively involved in communicating with the leadership, sharing pictures and videos, making donations, and offering suggestions on how we can better serve our fans. You support is invaluable, and we thank you for all you do for us.


The 2014, 60th Anniversay, Christmas Ships Parade season will soon be upon us. Already, Christmas Ship Skippers are planning their decorations for the year. You too can be a part of this wonderful tradition, taking part in something special to many men, women and children of the greater Portland/Vancouver area. Just click on the "Join Us > Benefits" menu to find out why you should become a Christmas Ship Skipper, then sign up! Fullfill that dream, check off that bucket-list item, be part of something great - Join the 2014, 60th Anniversary, Christmas Ships Parade!


We, at Christmas Ships, Inc. look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing you out there again this year as we parade our boats on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.


Merry Christmas!

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