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Before continuing, please be sure you've read and understand the information provided on our New Skipper Information page: New Skipper Info


The undersigned party or parties (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Skipper") request permission to be included as participants in the above Christmas Ship Parade, which is organized by Christmas Ships, Inc., an Oregon nonprofit corporation ("CSI"). The skipper warrants and represents to CSI that they constitute all of the owners and operators of the vessel described below and that their participation shall include the use of that vessel.

New Members may require a ride-along with a board member if you can't attend a general session meeting. All members are required to provide vessel insurance information (see form for details).  This is a requirement of our event insurance policy.

Skipper Info

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Vessel Info

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Member Directory
Christmas Ship Info

Please tell us about your desired fleet and moorage needs.  A representative of the Christmas Ships will get in touch with you. Fields with a red "*" after the name are required.

The Skipper acknowledges and agrees that any acceptance of the Skipper for participation in the above parade of lighted Christmas Ships shall be contingent upon and in reliance upon the above representations, and upon agreement by the Skipper to the following:

  1. To put safety above all other considerations in all activities.  Unless exempt, all participants must have a valid Oregon Boater Education Card (or other state's equivalent).
  2. To follow all instructions and directions from all operators of lead vessels and all officers, agents, or representatives of CSI. However, if any instructions or directions could result in or create a risk of damage or destruction to any property or injury or death to any person, the Skipper shall disregard the instructions and directions and take the safest course of action.
  3. To comply with all requirements of law, all instructions and regulations established by the U.S. Coast Guard and all standards and requirements established for the safety of the above Parade of Lighted Christmas Ships.
  4. At all times to maintain the Skipper's vessel and any other vessel which the Skipper may operate and all lighting decorations on the vessel in proper and safe condition. It is understood that the operations of the lead vessels and the officers, agents, and representatives of CSI will not inspect any vessel for safety or determine the skills, capacity, or condition or any operator of any participating vessel.
  5. To accept full financial and other responsibility for all damage or destruction to property and injury or death to persons, directly or indirectly caused by the Skipper or the Skipper's vessel, and to indemnify, defend, and hold the owners and operators of all lead vessels and all officers, directors, agents, and representatives of CSI jointly and severally harmless for all damage or destruction to property (including, without limitation, damage to the Skipper's vessel) and for all injury or death to persons (including, without limitation, injury or death to the Skipper and all persons aboard the Skipper's vessel and any other vessel the Skipper may operate) directly or indirectly related to the participation of the Skipper or the vessel described herein in the above parade of lighted Christmas Ships regardless of the cause of such damage, destruction, death, or injury.
  6. That you will decorate your boat with an appropriate display and bear the cost of such display as well as any boat operating expenses (Ex. fuel).  Appropriate displays are ones that promote the spirit of joy and happiness.  This should not include any political messaging or promotion of any organization (political, corporate, or church) or website other than the Christmas Ships.  Ultimate determination of what is deemed appropriate will be made by CSI or its representatives.
  7. That you will not operate as a commercial vessel.  This includes, but is not limited to, offering rides “for sale.”  However, rides may be donated, ex. for a charity auction.
  8. That the obligations of the undersigned parties shall be joint and several. CSI, in its sole discretion, at any time shall have the exclusive right to determine whether and at what times and locations the Skipper or the Skipper's vessel will be permitted to participate in the above parade of lighted Christmas Ships, and the undersigned parties shall comply with such determinations.


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