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Parade Alerts

Our parade season ended on Dec 21st.  Now it's time for our dedicated crew to spend time with their friends and families.  We'll see you in December 2023 for our 69th season.

Please see if your question is answered below before contacting us! 

Is the parade cancelled for tonight?

Unless you see a message in the "Alerts" section at the top of our home page, we haven't cancelled. As soon as we make a decision to cancel, we'll update our website, Facebook, and Twitter. We try to give the weather as much time to cooperate as possible.  

Are there tickets / Can I buy tickets?

We don't sell tickets.  Our boats are privately owned vessels.  Anyone can view the parade from shore.  There are no tickets required to view the parade.  The parade can be viewed from many locations listed on our website.

What night is the parade?

We parade on 15 nights during the Christmas season.  The full parade schedule is listed on either the Columbia or Willamette Rivers Schedule pages. 

Where is the best place to view the ships?

If you go to our schedule pages for either the Columbia or Willamette Rivers, you'll see a link at the bottom of each night's description that states "Additional information, restaurants and outdoor viewing locations".  Clicking on that link will take you to a page that shows you the best locations / restaurants / parks / etc. to see our ships on that particular evening.

Can I ride on one of the boats in the parade?

In general, we do not allow the general public to come aboard the boats.  However, some Christmas Ships captains auction off a ride on his/her boat for a charity event.  Since we are an all-volunteer organization and each Christmas Ships captain is responsible for all operating costs, it is at their sole discretion with respect to who they allow on board.  

Mailing Address

Christmas Ships, Inc.
P.O. Box 55331
Portland, OR 97238-55331

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